All claims for shortage or damage must be reported within 10 days of receipt of shipment.
Claims for lost shipments must be made within thirty (30) days of receipt of invoice or other notification of shipment. Please save damaged or pilfered cartons until the claim is settled.
Some items are time sensitive. Aaymed Online assumes no extended warranty or any liability for use beyond the date specified on the container.
Photographic documentation may be required.

Requests for Exchanges, Returns or Complaints

Complaints and requests for exchanges or returns must be directed to Aaymed Online by emailing or by calling +92 52 4268221
Upon approval a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number will be provided by Aaymed Online and should be clearly marked on the return.
Goods returned unauthorized or by collect freight may be refused.

Customer Returns or Exchanges

Goods accepted for restocking must be approved, active, in new condition, and returned within 30 days.
Items that are discontinued, closed out, non-standard/special, custom-built or private label are non-returnable.
All items must be in original Aaymed Online cartons. Partial cartons will not be accepted.
If wares are not received within 60 days, the Return Material Authorization will be cancelled.
Credit will only be issued for wares that are received in good condition as determined by Aaymed’s incoming quality inspection team. No credit will be issued for any damaged or used product.
Returned items are subject to a restocking fee.
Goods returned which were ordered by customers in error are subject to a restocking fee.
Authorized returns will be exchanged or credited to your Aaymed Online account.


Contact our Customer Service Department for assistance in the repair of your Aaymed Online equipment. Do not return goods until instructions have been received.
Returned items must be securely packed to prevent further damage in transit.


Unless otherwise stated, the Customer is responsible for paying shipping expenses, including adequate insurance on all items returned for repair, return or exchange. Aaymed Online will cover the freight charges for returns for quality issues.

Restocking Fee

For returns that are not quality related, a 25% restocking fee will be assessed.


Returns, for otherwise approved items, which are over $500, older than 271 days, or present a risk of excess inventory may require further review and approval from Aaymed Online management.

Credit Issuance

Allow 60 days following receipt of returned goods for credit to be issued.
Credit will be issued less restocking fees, where applicable. NOTE: Credit will not be issued for any damaged or used goods received.
No cash refunds will be given.

Quality Complaints

Samples will be requested, and disposition of wares will be advised following Aaymed’s Quality evaluation.
If Aaymed Online requests to have wares returned, Aaymed Online will advise the carrier and pay for the return.
Aaymed Online can also advise that the product be destroyed at the customer’s facility.

Non-Standard Items

Custom products are made to order and may not be returned.

Equipment Items

Units that fail during the warranty period for reasons covered by the warranty will be returned, and Aaymed Online will either repair the unit or replace it with a new one at no cost to the customer.

Hazardous Materials

Aaymed Online will not accept delivery of any equipment that contains or is contaminated with hazardous substances. Please make sure all items are properly cleaned and decontaminated prior to returning to our facility. Decontaminating your equipment can be done by the following methods:

Gas Sterilization (Ethylene Oxide)
Disinfectant wipe down (i.e. 10% Bleach Solution)
Scintillation count (For radioactive applications. Please include isotope data.)